SONIC TRACES leaves audible marks. We lead you on various paths of history, allowing you to dive into stories and experience new acoustic worlds. Real places, narratives and moods are amplified.
Virtual reality for the ears!

Through augmented audio reality, you can immerse yourself in this new acoustic world. Each listener can explore individually, can wander and experience: Who are the people whose voices I hear over there? What can they tell me of the time in which they lived? Is someone reading aloud from a newspaper? Was that a drone flying overhead just now? Stories and history come alive through references to the present. SONIC TRACES utilizes this certitude and allows connections to be made: the gaze lingers in the present while the ear is plunged into tales of the past or the future. In this way you gain a sense of place within a specific time, be it real or fictional. This is how people must have debated here a hundred years ago, these are the issues they may debate a hundred years from now…
Our ears help us to navigate, they transfer sentiments, they warn us, remind us–and they are the gateways for exciting stories.

Have fun with the acoustic search for traces!

Experience SONIC TRACES in this demo video. Use headphones!

SONIC TRACES Heldenplatz – Technology:

You can wear headphones with integrated head-trackers to enable the SONIC TRACES app to determine what you’re looking at. Our list is continually updated in the app. If you do not have a head-tracker you can also use normal headphones. The information of what you’re looking at is then transmitted to the app via the position of your smartphone. To facilitate this process, please hold the phone towards the direction in which you are looking. You can find out more about the technology on our website.

Location based AR audio APP
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