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// we create audible landscapes for VR, games, cinema, TV and radio

scopeaudio is a creative sound design agency offering audio production and post-production services, immersive & spatial audio solutions for 360 video content, interactive VR/AR media and intelligent audio branding.

The reputation of scopeaudio is built on an unsurpassed ability to meet the demands of production companies, advertising agencies and musicians – from fine arts, entertainment and publishing, to new media, consumer products and public service.

We focus on providing individual solutions instead of every day products. Our clients play a large role in the creation of the most suitable concept for their production needs.

Located in Vienna’s 4th district, the studio was founded by Florian Widhalm and Thomas Aichinger. Both, Thomas and Florian take pride in being musicians whose comprehension of audio is not just limited to an engineers point of view.

what we do
VR | spatial audio
sound design
post production
audio branding
VR | spatial audio

Sound source localisation and audio object movement that works. Based on Ambisonics we create spatialised audio for YouTube, Facebook, Unity or Unreal, which is inevitable for an immersive experience. We are also trained in Wwise for game audio implementation.

Sound Design
sound design

What is sound design? If you ask ten different people, you will most likely get ten different answers. Despite the varied opinions, most will agree that sound design is absolutely integral to the audio post production process. It enhances, and, at times, overcompensates for the action in the film.


We believe that music, played by real musicians is the key to reach your clients on an emotional level. From big orchestral scores to underground punk, everything is possible.
We are proud to have a pool of vienna’s best musicians ready for your productions.

Post Production
post production

Audio post production plays a major role in any visual presentation, whether you’re making a simple home movie, an industrial corporate presentation, a television or radio commercial, or working on a feature film.
We offer post production services for any kind of media (R128, LEQ(m) up to 5.1 surround), whether it’s mixing, voice-over recording, Foley recording, ADR, dialogue/music editing and mastering.

Audio Branding
audio branding

While some people still seem to scoff at these concepts, the fact is having an individual corporate sound connects your brand to multiple senses.
With TV, radio, YouTube, mobile apps, and websites, the ability to promote your corporate sound is infinite.

Pitch Support
pitch support

As a lot of accounts are being distributed through pitches. We know that. At this point, an outstanding level of quality is necessary to receive the trust of future clients. We back our clients with reduced charges during this critical time of presentation. Contact us for specific campaigns or projects, which we are happy to support with high quality audio.

who are we
Thomas Aichinger

+43 660 522 54 57

Florian Widhalm

+43 699 192 58 379

NDR Filmpreis
newcomer award
SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award
creative energy award
Österreichischer Filmpreis
best score
Automotive Brand Contest
award in the category 'Architecture & Events'
Red Dot Design Award
in the category 'Communication Design'
Cannes Lions
Lion Gold in the category 'Environmental Design'
Art Directors Club Germany 'Goldener Nagel’ award for the kinetic sculpture
'Goldener Nagel’ award for the kinetic sculpture
10th World Media Festival
Gold award for ‘Visuelle Sinfonie’
World Media Festival
Intermedia Globe Gold, Corporate Communications, Multi Screen Video Presentations
London International Awards
Gold award in the category 'Environmental Design'
Art Directors Club of Europe
Gold award in the category 'Installation' for the kinetic sculpture
Bronze award for the mediatecture
Art Directors Club
Silver award
DP3D Goldene Flamme
award for excellent work
The One Show Award
award in the category 'Environmental Design' for the mediatecture
Clio Awards
Silver award in the category 'Environmental Design'
iF communication design award
in the category 'digital media atmosphere' for the mediatecture
iF communication design award
in the category 'corporate architecture communication media for architecture & public spaces' for the mediatecture
iF communication design award
in the category 'corporate architecture permanent architecture' for the mediatecture
D&AD Award
in the category 'Environmental Design'

we are scopeaudio

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