What We Do

360° Audio

scopeaudio VR - real sound source localisation and movement that works.
since oct. 2016 youtube and facebook support First Order Ambisonics (ACN - SN3D normalization), and we know how to use it. you can listen to an example of our work here.

Sound Design

What is sound design? If you ask ten different people, you will most likely get ten different answers. Despite the varied opinions, most will agree that sound design is absolutely integral to the audio post production process. It enhances, and, at times, overcompensates for the action in the film.


We believe that music, played by real musicians is the key to reach your clients on an emotional level. From big orchestral scores to underground punk, everything is possible.
Our composers have an excellent reputation in writing music for any kind of media. Furthermore, we are proud to have a pool of vienna's best musicians ready for your productions.

Sound Branding

While some people still seem to scoff at these concepts, the fact is having an individual corporate sound connects your brand to multiple senses.
With TV, radio, YouTube, mobile apps, and websites, the ability to promote your corporate sound is infinite.


Audio post production plays a major role in any visual presentation, whether you're making a simple home movie, an industrial corporate presentation, a television or radio commercial, or working on a feature film.
We offer post production services for any kind of media (R128, LEQ(m) up to 5.1 surround), whether it's mixing, voice-over recording, Foley recording, ADR, dialogue/music editing and mastering.