escape velocity

escape velocity The best way to experience Escape Velocity is to just download it right now and try it out without knowing anything about it. If you don't like to be surprised, you can always scroll down a little further and learn about the content first. Download for GearVR WHAT Escape Velocity is a VR… Read More

samsung drive app

samsung drive app WHAT We created ambisonic based sound design for the Samsung Drive App (in cooperation with ÖAMTC) to simulate different situations during driving. Only by making the right decisions you are able to pass this immersive test. Ready to test in all ÖAMTC 'Fahrtechnikzentren' across Austria. PRESS Die Presse Year 2018 Client… Read More

paranormal activity

paranormal activity Paranormal Activity 4 - Ghost Dimension was one of the first movies to introduce a 360° video for their trailer. Unfortunately it had no Spatial Audio, so we took the opportunity to spatialize it for some real immersive experience. WHAT This is our very first spatial audio work. It was intended as a… Read More