Hornbach WHAT Plants gone wild. We created Sound Design for the "KOMM zu HORNBACH. Bevor es dein Garten tut." Social Media Spots. Everything you hear is Foley and Voice Acting. Year 2022 Client Hornbach Austria Production & Script Arrow Films Music Igel vs. Shark - Mexico Services Sound Design, Mix, Voice Over Read More


AMA - Agrarmarkt Austria WHAT Post Production for 9 AMA TV Spots in which real farmers and people working in the food industry tell us about how they take care to preserve quality. Additionally, we produced 6 radio spots with location sound from the shooting. PRESS Handelszeitung AMA Press Year 2015 - 2017 Client Agrarmarkt Austria… Read More


Pierres Croissant WHAT We composed music for this epic spot in which Pierres croissant from 'Ströck' is presented. Vocals by Gabriela Horn. PRESS CASH Year 2016 Client Ströck Production Arrow Films Services music composition, sound design, mix Read More
150 jahre ringstrasse


150 Jahre Ringstrasse WHAT Music and Sound Design for the animation on the occasion of 150 years of the Viennese Ringstrasse. The film was shown at several exhibitions all over the world as part of 'Wien Tourismus's' program to make Vienna even more popular across the globe. We were invited to create an unique sound… Read More


Weather the storm WHAT Music and Sound Design for the official Pixel 9 Trailer, created by FriendlyFire Communications. We were also invited to the Pixel Event to talk about sound design in CG Environments. Year 2014 Client Friendly Fire Communications Services music composition, sound design, mix Read More


ELK - Mehr Platz WHAT Radio is still an important medium for companies to advertise in. Together with 'ELK' and Joachim Glawion we created 2 spots to promote their 'mehr Platz' campaign. PRESS Kleine Zeitung Year 2018 Client ELK Fertighaus Services voice over recording, sound design, mix Read More


Zenker Haus WHAT Location sound and Post Production for 7 Zenker Haus spots in which Johanna and Bernhard share their journey to their Zenker house. Year 2018 Client Zenker Haus Production Gregor Grkinic Services location sound, sound design, mix Read More


WU Mother's pride WHAT International campaign to promote western unions money transfer service especially for the Philippine region. We did voice over recording, sound design and mix. PRESS Horizont Year 2014 Client Western Union Agency Robin des Bois Production PingPong Communications Services voice over recording, sound design, mix Read More


Ötscher:Reich WHAT We literally crated an audible landscape for these radio spots, so that you know what to expect when visiting the beautiful area in lower austria. PRESS NÖN Year 2015 Client NÖ Landesaustellung Agency M'CAPS Services voice over recording, sound design, mix Read More