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Back in the 1990s, Martin Reinhart invented a film technique called “tx-transform”, which exchanges time (t) and space axis (x) in the film. Normally, each individual film frame represents the entire space, but only a brief moment of time (1/24 second). In the case of tx-transformed films, however, the opposite is true: each film frame shows the entire time, but only a tiny part of the space – in cuts along the horizontal spatial axis, the left part of the image thus becomes the “before”, the right part the “after”.

We created a spatial audio mix for the VR Experience of the installation at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.


Concept and direction: Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
Music and sound design: Siegfried Friedrich
OmniCam-360: Jana Pape, Danny Tatzelt, Christian Weissig
DOP: Martin Putz
Production Assistants: Elias Wolf, Moritz Woll
Sound: Bastian Orthmann
Set photos: Alexander Grennigloh
Programming: Matthias Strohmaier
Postproduction Consulting: Leo Coster
Postproduction: Bernhard Schlick
Retouching: Dominic Spitaler
Cinema technology: Bernd Rohde
Cinema organ: Anna Vavilkina
Violin: Serkan Gürkan
Violoncello: Konstantin Zelenin
Singing, voice: Marlene Umlauft
Voices: Ira Prodeus, Oleg Prodeus
VR Spatial Audio Mix: Thomas Aichinger, scopeaudio
Shot at Babylon Berlin
Production: Virgil Widrich Film- und Multimediaproduktions G.m.b.H.
© 2019

Financed by Federal Chancellery Departement for the Arts, City of Vienna, Duerckheim Collection
Produced in cooperation with the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Virgil Widrich
Concept and direction
Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
Music and Sound Design
Siegfried Friedrich
spatial audio mix